Reverse Engineering TTP Files

Recovering old Toontown Spoofer files

Exploring Panda3D Texture Memory Viewer

Rendering a graphical representation of loaded textures.

Tools I use for Graphic Design

Free + Paid Tools

Stress-testing Photoshop with Vector Shapes

polygon shape tool is cool

TTA: Fixing Toontown Goofy Speedway Kart Shop Interior

Fixing the visual oddballs of Toontown!

TTA: Vertex Painting in Toontown

Check out my guide about the impact of Vertex Painting in Toontown!

Toontown: Optimizing Content Packs

Tips and tricks to boost overall performance with content pack development.

Amazing Wonderful Fun Facts

(about myself)

Reverse Engineering Compressed UV Maps

Discovering the art thats hidden inside!

Panda3D: Toon Trouble

A small game demo I worked on for my CS class.