Required Files

  • You need to have this repository cloned anywhere on your computer. This is the workspace we will be using. Keep in mind that this repository is over 6 Gigabytes!!

  • Autodesk Maya installed, preferably any version from 2016-2020. You can get Maya for free (legally) if you sign up for a student license.

  • You need to be able to use the program make to build the models. You can check whether or not you have make already installed by typing make in a command prompt. If you do not have make installed, I recommend installing Chocolatey:

    With Chocolatey, you can install make via choco install make in the command line or Powershell.

  • Lastly, I highly recommend using a build of Panda3D with this commit. This reintroduces the maya2egg server, which would greatly reduce the total time it will take to build all of the models.

    • If you do not already have a Panda3D install with Maya support, you will need to either build or install a version with the Maya tools.
    • A prebuilt Panda3D binary can be downloaded here which already includes these tools, including the Maya server.