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My name’s Erica, but on the Internet I go by my quirky alias, “Loonatic”. Enjoy your stay! :)


Erica Miller

Student, Freelancer

Dulles High School

I’m Me.

Erica Miller is a well-rounded freelancer that currently attends Dulles High School. She strives to inspire and educate others with her expertise in leadership, technology, and design. Her interests include a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging to the art of game design, network architecture, system administration, and information technology. She is an outgoing leader of her robotics team and currently services as the co-president of the computer science club at her school.

Outside of school, she enjoys collaborating with individuals online and creating digital art for several online video games. She has over six years of experience with working in project-based team environments, and has outstandingly displayed the full capability in collaborating with teams of all sizes. She currently works on two major projects, including one with 10,000 players.


  • Graphic Design
  • Game Design
  • Information Systems
  • Information Security
  • System Administration
  • Networking

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What do I do?

Game Design

4 Years of Collected Experience

Adobe Photoshop

4 Years of Collected Experience

Position of Leadership

4 Years of Experience

Graphic Design

4 Years of Collected Experience

IT Technician

4 Years of Experience


4 Years of Experience


3 Years of Experience

System Administration

3 Years of Experience


~1 Year of Collected Experience

Autodesk Maya

~10 Months of Collected Experience

Vegas Pro

~6 Months of Collected Experience


What have I done?


Texture Artist, Technical Artist, Game Designer

Corporate Clash

May 2019 – Present United States
Responsibilities include:

  • Creating textures and UI from the ground-up while preserving the Toontown art style.
  • Working with vectors (Photoshop) to ensure optimization of the texture.
  • Using tools such as Autodesk Maya, 3D-Coat, Photoshop and a touch of Illustrator.

Graphic Designer, System Administrator

Dulles Robotics

Jan 2019 – Present United States

Responsibilities include:

  • Hosting the Dulles Robotics web server on a locally-hosted, virtualized Debian server.

    • Originally Set up the Dulles Robotics web server on a Raspberry Pi.

  • Established a group of enthusiastic members within the Robotics team to pursue the responsibilities of website and server maintenance.

  • Successfully taught the fundamentals of Linux and system administration to ensure that the students were capable of applying solutions when they were assigned individual tasks.

    Alongside being the primary system administrator, I accepted responsibility of completing the major graphic design work that was required in Robotics.

My design responsibilities included:

  • Assigning members on important tasks and enforcing deadlines (if given any)

  • Organizing groups and boards on various platforms (such as Discord, Trello, Google Drive) in order to manage the team most effectively.

  • Working on major graphics, both independently and in collaboration with other teammates.

  • Giving and receiving constructive criticism.

Creative Designer, Texture Artist

Toontown Offline

Aug 2016 – Present United States
Responsibilities include:

  • Creating textures, graphics, and other assets in the Toontown art style.
  • Working with vectors (Photoshop) to ensure optimization of the texture.
  • Previously hosting community events such as live streams on a popular streaming website called Twitch.

    Note: I resigned from the team in April 2018 and rejoined May 2019.




Open-source Discord bot created in Java.

Project Pigeon

A drone with an installed probe that allows users to collect atmospheric information. Created during [email protected] in 2019.

Toon Trouble

Game demo made in Panda3D (Python).