Technical Artist, Texture Artist

Toontown Corporate Clash

Toontown Offline

The pseudonym “Loonatic” was founded in 2016 from an accidental typo that ended up becoming an idea. The name is derived from my former username, “toontownloony”, which I ended up getting tired of using since I didn’t want to always have “toontown” in all my usernames.

I started my mysterious Toontown expedition around 2008 and shortly dropped from playing the game. Around 2010 or 2011, I revisited the game once again with a fresh toon named “Crazy Loony Bumberphooey”. In late 2012, I was terminated for multiple infractions with the final one from using third-party programs.

Nevertheless, I continued playing the game regardless of my termination. Over the years, I’ve contributed to a vast amount of different Toontown projects. Some of the former projects I contributed on include Toontown House, Toontown: Project Altis, Operation: Dessert Storm, Cog Invasion Online, and most recently Tooniversal Studios.

In late 2016, I joined Toontown Offline as a digital artist. While my skills were quite lacking and subpar at the time, I received continuous support from my friends apart of the team that inspired me to continue practicing my skills, regardless if I felt like a failure.

In mid-2019, I was applied and accepted to Toontown: Corporate Clash as a texture artist. Shortly after joining the team, my growth skyrocketed through the roof. In a matter of months, I learned general Maya basics, UV mapping, and texture baking. Hadn’t been for Corporate Clash, I wouldn’t have been able to learn so many new skills in such a short matter of time!

As of late 2020, I stand as a ever-growing technical artist for the different Toontown projects I work on. Currently, I’m working on several different tools, such as RTM (Robot Toon Manager) and various Panda3D tools/scripts that aid in development.


  • Toontown
  • Game Design
  • Game Development
  • Networking
  • Systems Administration