TTA: Enchanting the Ye Olde Toontowne Interiors

A little backstage story two years in the making!

TTA: Repalettizing Spiral of Shenanigans I

Repalettizing The Stun Graphic... Gone Wrong?

Reverse Engineering TTP Files

Recovering old Toontown Spoofer files

Exploring Panda3D Texture Memory Viewer

Rendering a graphical representation of loaded textures.

TTA: Fixing Toontown Goofy Speedway Kart Shop Interior

Fixing the visual oddballs of Toontown!

TTA: Vertex Painting in Toontown

Check out my guide about the impact of Vertex Painting in Toontown!

Toontown: Optimizing Content Packs

Tips and tricks to boost overall performance with content pack development.

Reverse Engineering Compressed UV Maps

Discovering the art thats hidden inside!

Panda3D: Toon Trouble

A small game demo I worked on for my CS class.

The Irony of Texturing

How do I texture in the most efficient manner??