Vertex Painting in Toontown

When you try to modify certain textures in Toontown, sometimes they seem to stick their original colors in one way or another. No matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t seem like you have any control over a certain texture with a tinted color. So, what is this and why does it happen?

The answer is simple: Vertex Painting! (Gee, who would’ve thought…)

In this guide, I’ll be explaining what is vertex painting, how it is used in Toontown, why it is used, the procedure on making it yourself. Quick note though: I don’t really work much in Blender, so I currently don’t have a guide on how to do this in neither Blender 2.7 nor Blender 2.8+. Once I’m able to spare some time using those two program version(s) to figure out vertex painting there, I’ll be happy to add them on as a section!